Greet & Develop Team CIC

I met Jude at the monthly networking event held with Social Enterprise Exchange (SEE), I was intrigued by how she introduced MNFW to the whole group on the virtual event because it sounded like an organisation that was achieving exactly what it stands for – bring women in business together, empowering them and helping them build key business and life skills. I spoke to Jude to get some ideas on how to build a business model that works when starting a membership relaying business, she inspired me by telling me how My Network for women started, this was strong because it showed she was an open book willing to pass on her learnings to me.

After this I got her contact details and she invited me to some of the events, at first it was over whelming as I was the only man in the event but everyone was welcoming, again this showed how much the organisation is very much all about people growth and passing on learnings. As I had just registered my CIC Greet & Develop , I kept in touch with Jude having catch up calls discussing what I have been up with the business, she became more of a mentor before I knew it, because I found myself emailing her to discuss situations I needed some advice on, she introduced me to some individuals that she thought would help me move Greet & Develop forward and she also helped me with sources to where I could find funding. I am grateful for Jude and My Network for Women for all the work they are doing.