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What are the main reasons of you joining our network?
After working in an office environment for many years, surrounded by people, the move to self-employed was quite a leap. Most of my day is spent working entirely alone, and whilst that has many advantages, I really missed the opportunity to talk, bounce around ideas and learn new things. Joining the network has introduced me to a wide range of people from all working backgrounds and I really appreciate the opportunity to get together and also that there is always someone to listen outside of meetings too.

How has MNfW helped you?
I have learned lots of useful business information from the excellent range of speakers on topics from banking to social media and have also met lots of people who are interested in what I do and have become customers and friends. It also gives the opportunity to engage in practising public speaking in a non-threatening welcoming environment.

What do you like most about our group?
Its very friendly and welcoming to everyone, those who attend have a wide range of business backgrounds and there is always someone to talk to. Relevant speakers are featured and the meetings are on Mondays, my admin day, so a guilt free trip into town. I also get the chance to talk about and promote my own business and that can’t be bad thing.

What would you like to see more from MNfW?
I’d like the group to continue to encourage the women of Doncaster and surrounding areas to build strong business skills to develop and support their businesses and each other.

Linda Clark - The Spotted Dog Flower Co.
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The thought of networking sent chills down my spine, but I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and the potential benefits spurred me on. I looked around and found MyNetwork for Women.

I went along and gradually made friends. I became more and more confident. The business pitch I had dreaded became easier each time and the knowledge I took away from the events and speakers has proved invaluable in my personal and business life.

I have made new friends and met therapists that now work in our Therapy centre.

MyNetwork for Women has helped me gain the knowledge and confidence I needed to continue improving our business, Bawtry Natural Health, and continue the growth we have seen every year.

There is always something new to be learnt and new people to meet. The women are inspiring, the meetings are exceptional value and the time very well spent.

Jolene Faruqi - Bawtry Natural Health
holistic harmony Jayne Hall

I joined MyNetwork for Women when it was first starting out. I had recently quit my teaching job of 20 years to become a full-time complementary therapist. It was all exciting apart from one thing – I was quite lonely working from home and I missed having supportive colleagues who you could chat to.

When I joined MNFW, I found it to be incredibly friendly and everyone else there was just like me! We were all starting out being self-employed and many of us felt exactly the same…we needed some support and a friendly ear to bounce ideas off.

The group was open to anyone and it was safe and supportive. We could share our successes and get encouragement from other members if we were having a bad week.

We learnt a lot from the guest speakers, but we had fun at the same time.

I look forward to the monthly meetings and really enjoy the opportunities to learn new things from members who join each month.

Jayne Hall - Holistic Harmony
My Network for Women